We are breast cancer survivors who know that thriving is better than merely surviving. We are passionate, purpose driven volunteers who give time, talent and treasure because we believe that we lived to help others live.

@Sisters4Cure, Inc., acting to add to the health of our community, continues its fervent and effectual long term mission to move the hearts and minds of people to partake in and consistently uphold disease risk reducing #selfcare using evidenced based healthy living techniques. 

The risks and presence of multiple diseases, known to impact Milwaukee's African American community disproportionately, are overwhelming! It's fact that in our community, more frequently that not, the health of blackwomen diagnosed with breastcancer is already compromised by 1-3 other diseases like high blood pressure, depression or diabetes.





Use evidenced based solutions, support and information services to take action for change regarding select health disparities and related suffering in our community.

Share mind, body and spirit self care techniques and mindfulness practices known to improve quality of life and treatment outcomes.

Teach practical healthy lifestyle and survivorship skills for fighting chronic disease conditions premorbid to cancer and depression.


A volunteer nonprofit organization committed to offering cross generational, cross cultural evidenced-based strategies, support and information to improve self care skills, quality of life and mindfulness practices of people affected by life threatening chronic diseases, in particular breast cancer and depression.