This study assessed the levels of depressive symptomatology in African-American women with breast cancer compared to those of women without breast cancer and examined demographic, psychosocial, and clinical factors correlated with depression. Read More >>

Purpose/Objectives: To identify the personal issues and concerns of African American women who are breast cancer survivors. Design: Exploratory. Setting: Southeastern United States; urban community. Sample: A total of 24 women were recruited from churches and the community; 16 women participated in focus groups. Methods: Two focus group sessions were held in a community library. Audiotaped interviews were transcribed and analyzed for themes that described issues the women had to deal with after treatment for breast cancer. Read More >>

A researcher who has long examined quality-of-life issues in cancer patients wondered whether depression in African-American cancer patients has been under-recognized for treatment. Accurately assessing depression in cancer patients is difficult in general because the physical symptoms of cancer and depression -- low energy, lack of sleep and loss of appetite -- are so similar. Read More >>

Breast cancer survival rates are significantly lower among African-American women compared to white women. In addition, African-American women with breast cancer are more likely than white women to die from co-morbid conditions. Obesity is common among African-American women, and it contributes to breast cancer progression and the development and exacerbation of many weight-related conditions. Intervening upon obesity may decrease breast cancer and all-cause mortality among African-American breast cancer survivors. Read More >>

African American Breast Cancer Survivors - Appropriate Psychosocial Support Lacking

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African-American cancer patients' depression symptoms under-recognized, study finds

Women are less likely to die of breast cancer than they were a decade ago, but not all women are benefiting from that trend.

White women saw more of a drop in death rates than black women — 1.9 percent a year from 2010 to 2014, compared to a 1.5 percent decrease for black women, according to a report published Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read More >>

Like familiar faces in a crowd, cancer and diabetes seem to bump into each other often. At first blush, the two diseases appear to be strangers, but scientists have found they have multiple connections and often are found together in the same patients. The results of a new study, conducted at the University of Toronto and published this summer in the American Cancer Society's Cancer magazine, conclude that patients with diabetes have an increased chance of being diagnosed with cancer just months later. Read More >>

The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen Course by Rebecca Katz

Maybe one of the reasons there is such a range of competing diets and opinions is because we don’t agree on what “health” itself is. Is it simply the absence of disease? Or is it management of disease? A mindset? A feeling? Fundamentals of healthy living are endorsed by a veritable “who’s who” in medicine, nutrition, public health, cuisine and pop culture. While there truly are some disagreements that represent legitimate uncertainties, which indicate the need for future research to elucidate what we don’t yet know, there are also the things of morning shows. While to focus on the argument may be tantalizing, it often leads to public doubt and, for cancer patients, an overwhelming sense of confusion and even panic. Read More >>

Racial Disparities Prevent Lower Death Rate From Breast Cancer in African American Women

Yoga Can Lower Fatigue, Inflammation in Breast Cancer Survivors

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A weight loss intervention trial for African-American breast cancer survivors

Possible Correlation Between Diabetes and Breast Cancer

Rebecca Katz introduces The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen online course. Surviving and thriving, during treatment and beyond. Worried about nourishing yourself during cancer treatment and regaining your health after? Cancer treatment can take a lot out of you. This course gives you the tools you need to strengthen, rebuild and nourish your body with the best cancer-fighting foods on the planet. The course covers what to cook and how to cook, plus welcome secrets to tastebud happiness — your culinary GPS during treatment and beyond. Read More >>

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Depression and African American Breast Cancer Survivors

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