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A Lasting Website Tribute

Paying tribute to someone diagnosed with breast cancer has special significance. You can make a profound difference in the fight against breast cancer in Milwaukee by making a contribution to the Sisters Network Inc Milwaukee Affiliate Precious Stones Project on our website 100% of any contribution made in honor or memory of a loved one to Precious Stones, a virtual tribute wall, will be used for programming.

African American women are less likely to receive timely, quality breast cancer treatment. Also they are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer and be diagnosed at a younger age than others.

Until we stop the silence and educate everyone about disparities in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, we won’t end the breast cancer epidemic. You can support our efforts by purchasing a precious stone.

In paying tribute to loved ones affected by breast cancer and supporting Sisters Network Inc Milwaukee Affiliate, you show your commitment to the fight. A standard pink stone is ‘etched’ with your selected statement such as a favorite verse, encouraging sentiment or endearing dedication. A prestige pink stone displays your favorite photo of your loved one along with your chosen words.

A diagnosis of breast cancer stays with you. Your entire life. Just ask anyone who is a survivor or has assisted someone through. The moment you find out you have breast cancer, everything changes. In an instant, you become a survivor and your family and friends become co-survivors. Everyone involved has to fight and draw upon great faith and determination to overcome this life-threatening disease. Emotions and thoughts of loss race through the survivor and their co-survivor loved ones. At hand is an intuitive knowing that it is vital to stay strong. It can be quite a journey but it should never be a lonely one. Sisters Network Milwaukee Affiliate provides expert support services to members and their families. Survivor members benefit from support group education, fellowship and an opportunity to help others. They do not pay dues to this organization. We recognize the cost of breast cancer. Donations from people like you allow us, an all volunteer 501 3 C organization, to continue our valuable mission.

If you have witnessed a survivor’s journey, taken a stand in his or her battle, and been encouraged by that tenacity, please take a moment to consider honoring your loved one with a Precious Stone purchase. Your donation is an investment in an organization that has helped hundreds of women and men through community education, outreach and support. Members of this group truly believed that “we lived to help others live.” As our reach increases, so does our costs. Your financial help to continue serving and caring for others.

Our goal of building a virtual stone hedge of protection and prayer that acknowledges individuals who are fighting or who have fought a good fight, will only come to fruition with your help. People visiting this site can be made aware of the numbers and stories of the women and men affected by this dreadful disease at a disproportionate rate by the number of stones turned pink. Supporters who also had their lives changed in an instant can help us guide others in many ways from promoting the power of early detection to providing after diagnosis guidance in support group meetings. Will you help us help others? Thank you for your support.
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